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Weather Stripping Tape, Weather Seal Tape

Duraco manufactures and supplies a wide variety of weather stripping tapes, also called weather seal tape, for door and window sealing applications. Duraco offers:

  • Weather stripping tape for doors / door sealing tape
  • Weather stripping tape for windows / window sealing tape
  • Self-adhesive weather stripping foam pads and cushions
  • Weather sealing gaskets

Markets and Applications for Weather Stripping Tape

Duraco's weather strip tapes are used in many applications, including:

  • Door weather strip tape
  • Insulating strip tape
  • Foam strip tape
  • Window weather strip tape
  • Weather stripping foam tape
  • Weather sealing gaskets
  • Cushioning/padding foam tape
  • Light Seal
  • Dust / Air Seal

Weather Stripping Tape Technical Information

Foam tapes designed by Duraco come in different materials, adhesives, compositions, thicknesses, lengths, and widths that enable different functions.

  • Material

    The material provides the different product characteristics and properties for specific purposes or general applications.

    • Low density polyvinyl chloride / PVC weather stripping tape
    • Medium density polyvinyl chloride / PVC weather stripping tape
    • High density urethane (Poron) weather strip tape
    • Vinyl nitrile neoprene (VNN) blended closed cell foam
    • Neoprene nitrile PVC blended closed cell foam
    • Polyolefin flexible closed cell foam
  • Adhesive Types

    Duraco's weather strip tape uses either acrylic adhesive or rubber adhesive.

  • Widths

    Available in various sizes from ½” to 3” in stock. Custom widths available.

  • Temperatures

    Some Duraco weather strip tapes can be used in temperatures as high as 249°F or as low as -40°F.

  • Special Features

    Some Duraco weather stripping tapes are UV resistant and can be used in sunlight. Other weather strip tapes are not suitable for used in the sun. They are conformable, appropriate for gap filling.

Benefits of Using Duraco's Weather Stripping Tape

Duraco weather strip tape gives users a high-quality product and enables many functions.

  • High quality materials
  • Wide range of applications
  • Many size and variation options
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What is Weather Stripping Tape?

Weather stripping tape is typically either open cell or closed cell material that is typically use to seal windows and doors. Duraco's weather sealing can be purchased in rolls, pieces, or pads. It can be formed into weather sealing gaskets. The adhesion is usually removable/repositionable.

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Why Choose Duraco for Weather Strip Tape?

Customers choose Duraco for weather stripping tape because of the high quality and custom cut and sizes available. We have the right product stocked for your application. Also, it is easy to buy weather stripping tape products online directly from Duraco.

Purchase Weather Strip Tape from Duraco

Buy weather strip tape online directly from Duraco or Contact Duraco for further assistance with weather strip tape.

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