Weatherstripping & Gasket Products

Resilient Adhesive Formulations Designed to Combat the Toughest Environments

Seal in comfort and seal out the elements with Duraco’s innovative, permanent weatherstripping and gasketing solutions. These products provide a reliable bond to the most difficult applications, ensuring your project won't bend to the elements.

These tapes feature a variety of innovative properties, including:

• Open and closed cell constructions

• Excellent conformability

• Very low compression set, good shock absorption, and low out-gassing.

• Good oil, ozone oxidation, and chemical resistance

• Offers light, dust, air, moisture sealing, & good thermal barrier

Duraco’s foam gaskets and weatherstripping tapes are produced from polyethylene (open & closed cell), neoprene blends, and PVC. These unique constructions are available in multiple thicknesses and densities suitable for use in multiple end markets and indoor/outdoor applications.

Duraco’s diverse range of gaskets and weatherstripping materials offer:

• Chemical resistance

• Waterproofing

• Extreme temperature/moisture resistance

• Vibration isolation

• Dustproofing