18 wheeler truck

Truck and Trailer

Big shipping precision with no speed limit.

Duraco knows how much speed, safety, and precision matter in the fast-moving world of truck shipping. We set the industry standard in customized solutions for panel bonding, trim and emblem attachment, sealing and gaskets, and more.

    Perfect for:

  • Replacing rivets with double-coated mounting tape improves a truck or trailer’s aesthetics, largely because with Duraco’s proprietary processes, graphics can be applied and run continuously without interruption.
  • Tapes are ideal for replacing (or adding to) mechanical fasteners in the mounting of interior truck panels. The compression of Duraco foam tape is perfect for mounting floor panels in refrigerated trailers.
  • The foam tapes and foamed acrylic adhesives can be used to quickly mount trims, profiles, and finishing elements for both interior cab and exterior trailer applications.