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High Bond Tapes and High Bond Pieces/Roll

Duraco manufactures and supplies high bond tape products for many applications. Duraco offers:

  • Duraco High Bond tape in rolls
  • Duraco High Bond tape pieces on rolls

Markets and Applications for High Bond Tape

Duraco's high bond tapes are used in many applications, including:

  • Appliances: High bond tape replaces mechanical fasteners
  • Design: High bond tape provides seamless attachment of decorative panels
  • Electronics: Use high bond tape on LCD displays, hand-held electronic assembly, data enclosures
  • Automotive: Emblem/ decorative, dashboard, rearview mirror, iPass/ Fab

High Bond Tape Technical Information

Duraco® High Bond tape utilizes multi-purpose acrylic adhesive on both sides of firm foam. The permanent adhesive provides excellent adhesion to a wide range of high and medium surface energy substrates including metal, glass and different types of plastics. For low surface energy substrates like plastics or powder coatings an adhesive specially formulated for these applications is used in the LSE/ Conformable products. The foam core provides good contact to the applied surface. This high bond tape replaces rivets, welds, and mechanical fasteners. It is ideal for interior and exterior use with its good resistance to temperature cycles and moisture.

  • Material

    The material provides the different product characteristics and properties for specific purposes or general applications.

    • Foam
  • Adhesive Types

    Duraco's high bond tape uses acrylic foam core permanent adhesive, or a modified acrylic adhesive coated to both sides of the foam core.

  • Widths

    Duraco's high bond tape is available in three different widths:

    • 1/2 inch
    • 3/4 inch
    • 1 inch
  • Colors

    Duraco's high bond tape is available in 4 colors:

    • Clear - ideal for clear acrylic and glass applications.
    • White
    • Grey
    • Black
  • Temperatures

    Duraco high bond tape can be used in temperatures as high as 300°F or as low as -20°F. Application should be done when the temperature is between 70°F and 100°F.

  • Special Features

    Duraco high bond tape is UV resistant and can be used in sunlight.

Benefits of Using Duraco's High Bond Tape

Duraco high bond tape tape gives users a high-quality product and enables many functions because of:

  • High quality materials
  • Wide range of applications
  • Many size and material options
  • Conformable to range of materials/ geometries
  • Provide impact/ shock absorptivity
  • UV, solvent, temperature, and moisture resistance
Single roll of high bond tape

What is High Bond Tape?

Duraco High Bond® Tapes are high-performance acrylic foam core tapes that meet a wide range of application needs. High Bond Tapes are tamper resistant, great for bonding dissimilar metals, and excellent resistant to temperature cycles. High Bond Tapes are available in 4 colors: clear, white, grey, and black. Clear is ideal for clear acrylic and glass applications.

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Why Choose Duraco for High Bond Tape?

Customers choose Duraco for high bond tape because of the high quality, the ease of buying high bond tape products online directly from Duraco, and the range of converting capabilities making it possible to customize to project specific needs.

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