Foam Tape Products

Creating Eye-Catching Designs with Industry-Leading Tapes

Duraco’s foam tapes are designed with industry-leading adhesive chemistries, perfect for applications ranging from industrial, point-of-purchase, home décor, and more. These highly conformable foam tapes offer high tack, and high bond solutions, adhering effortlessly to irregular surfaces and substrates. Available in various configurations, including pads, pieces, and continuous rolls, allow designers and engineers the ability to optimize their designs and assembly processes.

Duraco’s foam tapes offer the perfect alternative to messy liquid glues and mechanical fasteners. Choose from aggressively permanent double-sided tapes, adaptable permanent/removable tapes, and easy-to-use tapes offering repositionability up to five times.

Shop Foam Tape Solutions

Duraco’s foam tapes are the perfect solution for many applications and end-users, including:

  • Exhibits
  • Promotional signage
  • Temporary and permanent displays
  • Wobblers and shelf talkers
  • Caps and headers
  • Wall décor
  • Plastic profile extrusions
  • Decorative trim
  • Appliance
  • HVAC
  • Electronics
  • Architectural Signage
  • Truck & Trailer