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Removable Tapes

Duraco manufactures and supplies a wide variety of removable and repositionable tapes for many applications where a permanent and removable bond desired. Duraco offers three removable tape roll product lines:

  • Remo® One R5 - a foam with a permanent adhesive on one side and a removable adhesive on the other side. Remo One® is identified with its “Reusable this side” printed liner. It is ideal for mounting permanent applications where the tape needs to easily remove from the wall surface after use.
  • Remo® Two R5 - a foam tape with a removable adhesive on both sides. Remo Two® is identified with its “Removable on both sides” printed liner. It is ideal for temporary applications where the tape will need to easily remove from the wall surface and object.
  • Remo® Hybrid R5 - a foam tape with a permanent adhesive on one side and a removable adhesive on the other side. Remo® Hybrid R5 is identified with its “Hard surfaces only Reusable this side” printed liner. It is ideal for hard non-delaminating surfaces applications where the tape needs to easily remove from the wall surface and non-porous object after use.

The removable side has the printed release liner and removes cleanly from most hard, non-delaminating surfaces even after extended periods of time. Both Remo® One R5 and Remo® Two R5, and Remo® Hybrid R5 are available in pieces on a roll or die-cut pieces.

Duraco also offers removable pieces, pads, blocks, and diameters. Each has a printed liner that indicates the removable side. These tapes can also be cut to custom sizes and shapes to meet application specifications.

Markets and Applications for Removable Tape

Duraco's removable tapes are used in many applications, including:

  • Wall Decorations
  • Promotional and temporary signage
  • Temporary and permanent displays
  • Single Use Graphics
  • Permanent tiling
  • Semi-permanent paneling
  • Banners
  • Nameplates
  • Light – medium weight

Removable Tape Technical Information

Removable tape from Duraco is made to be removed or repositioned as needed, and the components support that functionality.

  • Material

    The material provides the different product characteristics and properties for specific purposes or general applications. Removable tapes, pieces, pads and diameters are offered with these materials:

    • Foam
    • Film

    The release liner is made of silicone coated paper. The carrier is made of cross-linked polyethylene.

  • Adhesive Types

    Duraco's removable tape uses rubber-based permanent and removable adhesives

  • Widths

    Duraco's removable tape rolls are available in 3 different widths:

    • 1/2 inch
    • 3/4 inch
    • 1 inch

    Duraco's removable pieces, pads, blocks, and diameters are available in a variety of different shapes and dimensions.

  • Temperatures

    Some Duraco removable tapes can be used in temperatures as high as 150°F or as low as -20°F. The application temperature is from 65°F to 100°F.

  • Special Features

    Some Duraco removable tapes and other products are UV resistant and can be used in sunlight. Others are not suitable for used in the sun.

    Available colors are white, black, and clear, depending on the product.

Benefits of Using Duraco's Removable Tape

Duraco removable tape gives users a high-quality product and enables many functions.

  • High quality materials
  • Wide range of applications
  • Many size and variation options
  • Removable adhesive makes these products attractive for certain functions where removal or repositioning is desired.
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What is Removable Tape?

Removable tape of course features a removable adhesive. This non-permanent adhesion is strong enough to remain in place, but also allows the tape to removed or repositioned. It can be removed cleanly from most hard surfaces even it has been in place for long periods of time. These repositionable tape products can be purchased in pieces or pads.

Removable tape is sometimes alternatively spelled as removeable tape.

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Why Choose Duraco for Removable Tape?

Customers choose Duraco for removable/repositionable tape because of the high quality and the ease of buying foam tape products online directly from Duraco.

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Buy removable tape online directly from Duraco, or Contact Duraco for further assistance with foam tape.

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