Research & Development

The Duraco technical team consistently aligns with the PSTC industry standards to support customer’s design/qualification needs. The team conducts extensive product and manufacturing research and testing on-site, including test methods to replicate positive customer experiences for new product prototypes. From releasing revolutionary and industry leading products like Twin Stick® ... to setting new standards for adhesive thickness and roll length... to pushing the envelope on actual envelopes, Duraco is consistently trying to make products that meet our customer’s application needs.

We help our customers with:
  • Correct adhesive for application
  • Product configuration that maximizes customers efficiencies
  • Tape construction that is ideal for end use
industrial coating machinery


Our wide selection of coating technologies offers pressure-sensitive adhesive solutions to quickly and effectively coat films, papers, foams, foils, metals, and other materials to suit your application requirements. We offer three types of standard coating:

  • Solvent
  • Hot Melt
  • Aqueous / Water-Based / Emulsion
Technical Details
  • Full web flood coating or pattern coating available
man working with industrial machinery


The Duraco plant is humming 24 hours a day to provide cost-efficient, precision die-cutting, slitting, and spooling for all kinds of flexible foams, and other materials. We work overtime to optimize the converting rates, the material yield, and end product effectiveness of every project. And our custom fabrication capabilities allow us to easily accommodate longer material rolls and specialized formats like kiss-cut, individual pieces, and overhang liners.

industrial adhesive manufacturing machinery


Our immense and diverse converting infrastructure means that unlike many of our competitors, Duraco doesn’t need to rely on outside converting operations to manufacture our products. As a result, we can create, reconfigure, or modify to develop the perfect adhesive solution for your needs.

We Provide
  • Fast-turn quotes (usually within 24 hours)
  • Short lead times (often we can begin your custom job the next day!)
  • Samples, prototypes, PPAP (production part approval process)
man in a warehouse wearing goggles

Logistics & Order Fulfillment

You can’t really plan to have a last-minute tape emergency. But that’s life, and Duraco knows it. With warehouses across the U.S. and Canada holding 1200+ of our products in stock, our logistics and order fulfillment pros can ship flat-out faster than our competitors, and you can get the product you need… before anyone finds out just how close you cut it.

Key benefits of tape

Adhesive tape has many clear advantages over more traditional mechanical fasteners, including:

  • Design flexibility
  • Better product presentation- hidden application
  • Lower cost than mechanical fasteners
  • Ease and speed
  • No risk of rust
  • Immediate bonding
  • Chemical resistance
  • Conformable core for textured/dissimilar surface profiles