​When to Use Foam Tape For My Application?

​When to Use Foam Tape For My Application?

Oct 30th 2020

Duraco manufactures and supplies various amounts of pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes that are made to fit your specific application. From foam, film, transfer, or tissue tapes, it can be difficult to understand which tape to choose for your project. In fact, most people think a double-sided foam tape is a solution for anything that normal tape cannot simply work on. Here are some facts to take into consideration to understand when you should be using a foam tape.

1. Consider Your Surfaces

Is your surface flat or irregular? Thin tapes work well on flat surfaces, while irregular surfaces like corrugate, coroplast, and other materials require a foam tape such as Twin Stick® or Dubl Kote® to fill the spaces.

2. Length

Long bond lines might cause flex or warp creating immediate stress on the bond and indicate the need of a foam tape.

3. Cushioning & Shock Absorption

Foam tapes compared to film tapes provide cushioning and shock absorption qualities that keep the bond together if impact or movement is a concern.

4. Aesthetics

Looking for impact? Two of our popular foam tapes are Twin Stick and Dubl Kote which have foam carriers which assist with filling gaps and allows for irregular surfaces to be joined. They are ideal for POP displays, signage, end caps, headers and more. The best part is they create an invisible bond line that cannot be seen by the eye as well as eliminates the use of traditional fasteners which take time to use. Try our Thick Twin Stick® which can be used to create 3D effects to add depth and dimension to your project.

Here is a comparison of our two legendary foam tape products:

  • Twin Stick- means double-sided permanent adhesion that is available in pieces, pads, diameters & thick for 3D effects.
  • Dubl Kote- means double coated on both sides with permanent adhesion that is only available in continuous rolls for hand or automatic application.

Duraco provides tapes in many formats suited to your specific need. We offer samples so you can test on your application before purchasing. Still have questions? Speak to one of our tape experts today by emailing us at sales@duraco.com