Tips to Consider When Using Foam Tape

Tips to Consider When Using Foam Tape

Jun 2nd 2020

No matter the project, it is important to choose a tape solution that offers a secure hold. Duraco’s foam tapes consist of a foam coated on both sides with an extremely aggressive rubber or acrylic base adhesive. Here are five facts to consider when using foam tapes.

1. CONFORMABILITYDubl Kote® is made with a flexible foam carrier which fills gaps, allowing irregular surfaces to be joined. Depending on your project needs, foam provides cushioning, shock absorption and vibration dampening making it applicable to numerous applications.

2. BONDING - It's important to consider the surfaces you are adhering to. Dubl Kote foam tape has an aggressive, quick-stick rubber-based adhesive that works well with the following materials, among others:

  • Corrugate
  • Chipboard
  • Wood
  • Plastics

3. HOW QUICKLY IT STICKS - Compared to alternative tapes, Dubl Kote has a high tack, rubber-based adhesive that reaches its full bond instantly with firm and even pressure.

4. STYLE AND HANDLING - Just as the strength of the tape is important, the way you apply it is as well. Whether automatically or hand applied, Duraco stocks many lengths and options.

  • In line or automatic application - up to 1,500 ft. rolls are available
  • By hand application - 108 - 216 ft. depending on thickness
  • Short rolls - 15 - 30 ft. for kitting pack outs
  • Pieced by size for function - available in several different die cut options for easy application

5. SURFACE PREPARATION AND PRESSURE - Surface preparation is critical in achieving a secure bond. Dirt, oil, dust, paint, release agents or other contaminations on the surface of the material can interfere with the adhesive and effect the bond. What can you do to prepare?

  • Clean the surface – using a 50/50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water helps to clean most surfaces, if needed can use a solvent or abrasion cleaners.
  • Dry – if needed, use a clean lint-free cloth to be sure the surface is completely dry. When using foam tapes pressure is the final significant key aspect when using foam tape. Apply firm, even pressure across the entire surface of the tape to activate the adhesive.

Since foam tapes with a rubber-based adhesive have high initial tack, there is no need to wait to begin use. Ideal for POP displays, creating 3D effects, and securing signs and posters our foam tapes will not let you down. 

Order a sample kit today to discover the perfect foam tape for your application.