The Timeless Trio for Displays and Exhibits

The Timeless Trio for Displays and Exhibits

Aug 13th 2020

Have you ever walked into a store when an eye-catching display caught your attention? These are called point-of-purchase (POP) displays that are placed near merchandise to market and better promote specific products. Good examples of these attractive displays can be utilized for showing off phones, candy, food, beverages, greetings cards, toys. The possibilities are endless!

When employees on a store floor are looking to put up a POP display, they need it to be easy to set up, maintain its strength, and look good. This is where Duraco foam tapes come in handy to amply fulfill your customer’s needs.

Our foam tapes are used to fills gaps and bond irregular surfaces when assembling, building, and manufacturing POP displays and signage. The adhesive provides a strong bond that will not break to keep displays together when holding products and to prevent sinking, warping, breaking, or falling displays.

We also have our line of removable foam tapes that can be used for displaying temporary signage and can easily be removed leaving no foam residue behind. Use these foam tapes for temporary or seasonal signage that needs to be changed frequently.

Try one of our POP industry favorite double-sided foam tapes:

  • Twin Stick®- double-sided permanent adhesion. Available in pieces, pads, diameters, and thick for 3D. Ideal for display assembly and hanging of signage. Try Thick Twin Stick to create 3-D effects.
  • Dubl Kote®- double coated on both sides with permanent adhesion. Available in continuous rolls for hand or automatic application. Ideal for applying to long edges of signs or to profile extrusions for sign holders.
  • Remo® - double-sided foam tape that is removable on one side and permanent on the other. Available in pieces, pads, diameters, thick for 3D, and rolls for automatic application. Ideal for applying seasonal or rotating messaging.

If you have any questions or need assistance with customizing a structural adhesive tape for your custom display, reach out to us and our tape experts will answer any questions you may have. 

We look forward to finding the right foam tape to help you and your customers efficiently build long-lasting POP displays.