Tapes for Sealing Direct-to-Consumer Packaging

Tapes for Sealing Direct-to-Consumer Packaging

Oct 30th 2020

E-commerce and online shopping have been on the rise and it is only expected to grow by the end of 2020 and going forward. The recent pandemic has boosted the need of online direct-to-consumer (DTC) distribution meaning businesses have had to re-examine their strategies to better reach their consumers through DTC channels. Over the next two years it is expected that 44% of consumers will do more grocery shopping online and 39% are expected to shop for more durables. This uptick in online shopping has created a demand for secure packaging that businesses can rely on to deliver to their consumers.

With the increase in online shopping, secure packaging is essential to ensure packages are delivered intact to the end user and prevent products from being damaged during transit. Package security is more critical than ever and a small element that drastically increases the level of security, is tape. Yes, tape. Packaging tape is increasing in demand to secure packages of any size while being shipped over the world. However, it is not just any roll of ordinary packaging tape that can be used. The best tapes that are proven to work which manufacturers are turning to, are pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes.

PSA tapes are designed with an aggressive adhesive that is used to seal packages ensuring the bond maintains during transit and provide an optimal solution for light weight packages produced in low or high-volume operations. Duraco PSA tapes are available on continuous rolls for easier hand or automatic application, which can be applied with a light pressure to efficiently secure packages. Not only do these tapes provide a secure seal, they also help packaging manufacturers save time and money while improving their manufacturing processes.

Recently, we were asked to help a customer by providing a cost-effective sealing tape that could faithfully perform during transit for a major brand launching their first DTC program. A key component of the design was the need for a corrugated box with two strips of double-sided tape – one strip for shipment to consumer; second for return (if needed) to the seller. Each strip of tape needed to be identified by a custom printed and color-coded release liner that helps identify which strip should should be used for the shipper sealing the box and for the consumer who may need to process a return. The requested features of the project were critical and what made this project complete to ensure customer satisfied, was the tape.

Duraco understands the importance of paying attention to all the fine details when manufacturing the best packaging products for shipping consumer products. Although it is a small component of packaging, tape is the most vital component of any package. To better produce quality packaging and improve the production process of these products, with an array of products to choose from, Duraco tapes can work on a variety of packaging applications that meet industry standards and are guaranteed to perform. If you are looking for solutions on how to produce the best quality packaging, remember it all boils down to the tape that is used to seal packaging. Duraco tape experts are on hand and ready to answer any tape questions you may have and provide you with the best tape for your application. From recent discoveries, it is safe to say, Duraco tapes are guaranteed to perform.

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