Tapes for Producing Essential Applications

Tapes for Producing Essential Applications

Jul 14th 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed Duraco to think outside of the box as it has received customer requests to help them by providing adhesive tapes and materials that are used in a variety of essential applications to keep people safe. To produce these applications, a wide range of our products are being used to produce personal protective equipment (PPE) applications. The following is a list of applications that Duraco has assisted customers with:

Face Shields

Used by medical professionals to protect them from harmful and infectious bacteria. Duraco is providing a variety of hook and loop, removable foam tape and film tape to properly adhere a shield to a piece of foam or similar surface. Duraco’s adhesive systems can be used to produce your essential applications without the hassle of fasteners and welds. This allows you to get your end applications to those who are in need in a timely and efficient manner.

Testing Centers

These tent enclosures serve a variety of purposes which include creating a space to test possible infected patients, house an overflow of patients from a hospital and to keep infected patients away from those who have been uninfected. When needed, a solution that can easily and quickly be set up is of high value. Duraco’s Hook and Loop allows for testing centers to be set be set up in laborsaving and timely means. Easily add, remove or move panels to create an enclosure that is of your desired size and dimensions.

Sneeze Guards

The acrylic guards are used in retail stores, fast food drive-thrus and businesses. They are being used to protect both workers and customers as they have daily interactions and communications. Duraco offers a variety of applications that can be used inside a business as well as outside and withstand high temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Easily adhere a sneeze guard to a variety of surfaces with Duraco adhesives.


During a pandemic signage is crucial for messaging from promoting frequent hand washing, emphasizing store hours and rules, encouraging social distancing in businesses, directing hospital staff and visitors, publicizing a restaurant’s take-out or delivery options, notifying customers of recent business updates, posting mandates, and so much more. Duraco’s adhesives can be used for both permanent and temporary signs that need to be adhered to multiple surfaces to make sure your messaging is on point.

Our experts are ready to help and answer any questions you have and even if it means we have to think outside of the box to assist, we will do our best to deliver. We promise the right answers with a quick turnaround. 

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