Tape Solutions for PPE Equipment

Tape Solutions for PPE Equipment

Posted by Duraco on Oct 5th 2020

The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) has become essential to defend against the spread of germs and the COVID-19 virus. Duraco adhesive tapes and materials can be used to manufacture dependable face shields and other PPE that work as a barrier between contagious bacteria and allows for better safety precautions. Our pressure sensitive tapes (PSA) provide a secure seal when bonding plastic shields to materials that may be hard-to-stick. When designing face shields and PPE, we provide several products that can be used to provide a lasting bond to ensure health care workers and end users remain safe and are provided with comfortable wear.

When producing PPE, we understand mass production is essential to ensure products are being supplied to keep up with the demand to protect people. As manufacturers have shifted production to deliver the necessary supply, we are equipped to support with fully stocked tape supplies, quick turn-around and lead times, and the ability to customize when needed. The following are tape products that can be utilized for face shields and PPE.

When you work with us, we ensure the best customer service from beginning to end by providing you with solutions to enhance your PPE production. Whether you are producing face shields or other PPE, contact one of our tape experts today to see how we can help with the development and production of your products.