Tape Solutions for Mounting  Wall Décor

Tape Solutions for Mounting Wall Décor

Oct 30th 2020

When designing wall décor applications, you can utilize Duraco’s removable tapes in your end products as an option for your customers to easily mount or hang their décor without damaging the walls. These tapes can be used on a variety of surfaces and objects to hang wall décor simply and efficiently. Used to replace traditional fasteners such as screws, nails, and bolts, these tapes can easily be applied and removed when finished.

The best part of implementing our tapes as a mounting solution for your applications, is that these tapes improve the entire mounting process from beginning to end. When hanging décor, the last thing a consumer wants to do is open a new wall décor piece to discover they have to take time to install the mechanical fasteners which will ultimately damage their walls in the end. To provide ease of hanging and a stress-free solution to easily hang décor, Duraco tapes can be used to decorate any living or workspace.

As more people are on the move often, they require the ability to easily move without the stress to redesign their home or workspace which is their comfort place. Traditional wall-mounting methods which include fasteners that are difficult to install are no longer acceptable for their faster living lifestyle. People want to save time, not waste it by bringing out tools or patching holes in the wall when they are ready to remove their décor. Consumers want to hang décor without the stress when they want and how they want.

Duraco tapes are suitable for peoples fast moving lifestyle as they can easily mount just about anything to any surface. Our line of innovative tape systems that are used for wall hanging provide ease of use and are removable too. This means they leave no sticky residue behind. When mounting décor, we provide easy-to-use solutions to the apparent mounting problems consumers experience. The stress of bringing out tools and using them to hang décor has become old news. Save your customers time, money, and prevent damage by simply using Duraco’s tape solutions.

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