Signed, Sealed, and Delivered - Duraco's Yours.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered - Duraco's Yours.

Jul 14th 2020

There is one thing we are all doing more of lately, buying things online to have them shipped to us. All of us, everywhere, are having items put into a box, bag or envelope which are being sent to us or someone else. When doing that, what is one of the last things we want? That’s to have that package come flying open!

Many transit boxes and packages nowadays are being assembled with a tape that is already applied. That tape very often comes from Duraco. At Duraco we take packaging seriously which is why we offer a variety of tapes for packaging that can be used on a variety of applications within the packaging market. During assembly operations, we understand the value of tapes that are quick to apply with a strong stick to safely secure materials within a package.

Tape Solutions for the Packaging Industry

Duraco tapes are designed to stick and work on the following packaging applications:

  • Box closures
  • Bubble pouches
  • Corrugated transit boxes
  • Flat mailers
  • Food packaging
  • Paper mailers
  • Plastic mailers and more!

Not only do our tapes stick well during transit, we also make them so they are easy to use. The liners can be made so they have overhang edges that make them easy for removal. Also, they can bond to a variety of surfaces and work in a range of temperatures. Our tapes were made to stick, so packages can be securely delivered.

At Duraco we take into a great deal of thought the value our tapes will bring to the packaging industry and how you are using them when we design our transit packaging tapes. We offer multiple options, so you can freely decide what tape works best for your packaging application.

Contact us today to find a tape that holds it all together!