Secure Seal for Shipping Packages

Secure Seal for Shipping Packages

Sep 9th 2020

Secure packaging is essential to prevent damage from occurring during the shipment of packages. As online shopping is on the rise, the level of secure packaging to protect shipments is more critical than ever. This additional level of security can be aided by using a box closure tape that can be used to properly seal a package and prevent it from opening during transit, so damage does not occur.

When properly sealing packages, it can be challenging to choose a tape for packaging that promises a secure seal that guarantees packages will arrive undamaged and unopened. At Duraco, our engineers have spent time designing, producing, and evaluating our products to make sure our pressure sensitive tapes provide customer satisfaction while faithfully upholding the promise to maintain an aggressive seal during transit.

Duraco’s 4581 provides an optimal peel and seal solution for a variety of box closure applications. This double-sided tape is available in a variety of styles, including finger lift, and allows for straightforward application when assembling and sealing packages. Proven in comparative excellence, its great initial tack and adhesion delivers a secure seal that maintains during transit to prevent damage from occurring. 4581 promises peace of mind when shipping. Every package, every time!

Features Include:

  • High shear properties
  • High peel strength
  • Minimal adhesive residue
  • Aggressive quick adhesion
  • Printed release liner

These tapes are available in continuous rolls for both hand and automatic application. Whether you are looking to add an adhesive seal to individual boxes by hand or multiple boxes at once through a machine, Duraco’s 4581 strength is guaranteed to perform. Contact us to learn more or request a sample.