It Sticks! Innovations for Bonding LSE Materials

It Sticks! Innovations for Bonding LSE Materials

Dec 17th 2020

When designing Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays, do you have the desire to work with low surface energy (LSE) materials that are hard-to-bond to create displays? Generally, when working with such materials, the surface must be prepped, and often traditional adhesives do not stick well. We have perfected a bond that can reduce preparation time, promises to stick, and allows you to work with your favorite materials for building displays.

  • LSE Plastics are ideal materials for POP displays due to the ease of construction, remarkable aesthetic properties, and cost. They are durable, lightweight materials that are easy to enhance with UV ink printing and coating. Manufacturers and designers like them because they are available in many colors and textures, fabricated with traditional tools. Due to the plastic’s low surface energy, these materials can be difficult to bond. Since most plastics are made from recycled parts, they depend on an adhesive that is stronger in strength, unlike other plastic applications.
  • Powder-coated metals provide a colorful and long-lasting finish to most metals for building displays. Designers admire them because they help in producing unique displays. This is achieved with the thin layer of plastic powder sprayed onto metal and cured to provide protective skin. Unlike raw metal surfaces which most adhesives easily adhere to, the same does not apply to powder-coated metal. Sometimes adhesives are manufactured with high resistance to solvents which prevents the bond from sticking. These are often created with additives in their formulations to improve durability and UV stability and make a glossy finish. These surfaces require a bond that has aggressive tack.
  • Print UV Inks and Coatings are popular because they reduce time, production costs, and environmental waste. Designers like these materials because of their clean, clear print with no smears, which produce professional and high-quality output. The surface that the ink is applied to will undergo a pre-treatment which impacts any adhesive that is being used to bond to. To better bond to such materials, an innovative, high-performance adhesive should be used to achieve more excellent adhesion.

Duraco’s new LSE tape series is designed with these specific surfaces in mind. These clean materials are easy to work with and make the entire POP display building process more straightforward. Twin Stick® LSE, Dubl Kote® LSE, and DK Film® LSE provide a solid and instant bond to LSE materials so you can design with your favorite materials for display while reducing time and costs for manufacturing displays.

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