Innovative Tape Solutions for The Appliance Industry

Innovative Tape Solutions for The Appliance Industry

Mar 25th 2021

Duraco manufacturers a variety of double-sided foam tapes that provide bonding and sealing solutions for appliance manufacturing and design. Our adhesive tape consists of two essential parts: a backing material and a sticky adhesive. When combined, these components easily join two surfaces without mechanical fasteners or messy glues. Tapes allow appliance designers to create the sleek and polished look that consumers desire. To maintain customer satisfaction and demand for seamless appliances, designers and manufacturers use these solutions to replace traditional fasteners and adhesives.

When used in appliance manufacturing operations, adhesive tapes allow industry professionals to streamline their processes. Tapes provide a bonding solution that simplifies the entire process from start to finish. They can be die-cut to application specifications to make for ease of application. It is as easy as it sounds when bonding components together. Just peel and stick.

Adhesive tapes serve many diverse functions and benefits, such as:

  • Greater surface contact on irregular surfaces
  • Filling gaps
  • Creating a flexible bond line
  • Absorb vibration
  • Distributes stress
  • Maintain a close fit between parts
  • Improve aesthetics of bonded parts
  • Immediate fixture strength reduces WIP

There are several products and materials to select from depending on the application needs. From noise reduction to environmental sealing—and everything in between— our tapes are used for industrial and commercial applications. It is significant to find the appropriate tape for your unique design.

At Duraco, we specialize in delivering bonding and gasketing solutions. Our broad selection of pressure sensitive adhesive tape and customization capabilities ensure your adhesive is suitable for your specific needs and specifications.

From design to the finished product, our experts are available to ensure every customer receives the ultimate tape for their unique project. Contact us today to discover our bonding and sealing solutions.

Talk to a tape expert with your questions and discover our tape solutions today!