How to Properly Store Adhesive Tapes

How to Properly Store Adhesive Tapes

Feb 24th 2021

When you purchase tape, choosing the right adhesive is extremely important to ensure it will work in your application. However, choosing the right environment to store your adhesive tape is just as important. The environment that tape is stored will impact how well it will perform when it is ready to be used.

At Duraco every tape product comes with a product specification sheet that states how to properly store tape such as, “Tape should be stored within its original packaging, in a dry place at room temperature (72°F).” The reason for this statement is two-fold.

The first is that keeping the adhesive tape in its original packaging of the box keeps it from being exposed to dirt and dust. This helps to make sure that the adhesive is free from contaminants, which could affect its bond. Also, it keeps it free from UV exposure, which can also possibly affect the adhesive.

The second reason has to do with temperature. Adhesives react much the same way a liquid would. Especially with cold. When the temperature drops towards freezing (32°F) the adhesive on the tape begin to harden.

As this happens it causes it to lose its tack and ability to bond to surfaces. The colder it gets, the more profound this loss is. The change is not permanent, though. As the temperature of the tape is brought back up to room temperature, the tack, and ability to bond returns.

When the temperature of the tape rises, it becomes more elastic. This causes a breakdown in the bonding strength. Once applied this is not as much of a problem.

In storage, though, you do want to make sure the temperature does not go above 100°F because this will affect its ability to stay bonded to its intended surface.

Duraco is here to help you determine which adhesive tape works best for you and your application. After we work together to find the right product, storage is just as important.

If you need assistance in customizing an adhesive tape that can perform in your desired conditions, reach out to our tape experts to learn about our customization capabilities.

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