Duraco is a Leading Tape and Materials Supplier for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Jan 25th 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact every aspect of people’s daily lives. Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic there has been an unprecedented demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep frontline healthcare personnel, essential workers, educators, and people safe.

With the ongoing demand for PPE and next-generation performance, manufacturers are being pushed to develop and rapidly produce vast amounts of customized materials to support the diverse performance needs of PPE shields, barriers, and garbing. Duraco, a leading manufacturer of adhesive tapes and foams, has remained at the forefront of this effort, supporting manufacturers of PPE with high-performing tapes, fasteners, and barrier materials converted into the unique shapes and formats to meet customer product specifications. Unlike traditional fasteners and liquid adhesives, which are messy and take time to use, tapes have proven to make processes more efficient to get PPE products manufactured faster.

Duraco’s foundation of flexible manufacturing and rapid development has produced over millions of feet/pieces of customized bonding solutions for PPE. These solutions include double-sided foam tapes, hook and loop fasteners, high bond tapes, polyolefin, and polyurethane foam barrier solutions which are used to provide a secure seal and comfortable wear for the end user.

When working with Duraco, customers can expect to receive top-quality service that goes above and beyond. Dan Johnstone (Key Interiors Design) was amazed with the team's patriotism and efforts to supply tape solutions in an efficient manner to support in keeping the nation safe.

“Since our first contact just under 4 weeks ago the support, pricing, and response from Duraco has been an overwhelming and positive experience. Your patriotism and support to our nation in its hour trial is awesome to see, and we appreciate everything Duraco has done for us.”

Duraco is committed to supporting key customers in rapidly supplying PPE to protect frontline and essential workers. COVID-19 may be here for a while, however, Duraco is prepared and ready to step up with adhesive tapes which are used to create essential applications to keep people safe.

You can count on this US-based manufacturer to come through. Duraco stands by its word when they say, “Speed is at the heart of their bonding solutions".

They have supported many businesses through the pandemic and will continue to do so to stop the spread and bring the virus to a halt.

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