Bonding Solutions for Thin Substrates

Bonding Solutions for Thin Substrates

Dec 17th 2020

Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) film tapes consist of a thin double-sided adhesive that can be found on both sides of the carrier to easily bond flat substrates together. Unlike bulky foam tapes and traditional fasteners, these tapes are great for creating a thin and invincible bond.

Film tapes provide production and design flexibility as they can be customized to better suit specific applications and can easily be applied by hand or automatic machine. They are also available in a dry or finger lift edge for easy liner removal once applied to a product. Once one side of the tape is applied, the other side of the tape can remain with its liner until its ready to be used or to be bonded to a second substrate.

Additionally, they can be utilized to replace messy and time-consuming liquid adhesives which are typically applied before bonding two elements together. Film tapes are used in a variety of markets including the ones we currently serve:

Duraco provides an assortment of film tapes that are available with different adhesives such as rubber-based, acrylic-based, hi-tack acrylic, or removable adhesive. Whether a permanent or removable solution is needed, these tapes are ideal for:

  • Quick and easy application
  • Good initial tack
  • High temperature and UV resistance
  • Good bond to plasticized and low surface energy (LSE) materials
  • Non-foam which produces flush edge when applied
  • Clarity when bonded to text

Contact one of our tape experts today to understand how you can implement Duraco film tapes into your production processes. These tapes are significant cost sensitive projects, stick to just about any surface, and can be used in applications everywhere!