5 Unique Applications for Double-Sided Foam Tape

5 Unique Applications for Double-Sided Foam Tape

Nov 2nd 2020

Duraco offers a wide range of double-sided foam tape that can be applied to a variety of applications. Ideal for constructing POP displays, creating 3D effects, and securing signs and posters. Discover unique ways to use double-sided foam tape for your next application.

Home Automation

With the trend of smart homes on the rise and automating services such as security, lighting, heating/AC, and appliances, finding the best ways to mount these controls has since been an issue. The typical way of screwing into surfaces is not always an acceptable format due to the type of surface being mounted to. Double-sided foam tape remedies that situation. Foam tape fills in gaps for uneven surfaces. Foam tape can also be die-cut to fit specific sizes and shapes without taking away from design aesthetics.

Retail Security

Of $48.9 billion annually lost to retail theft, shoplifting alone accounts for 36.5%, according to the National Retail Security Survey conducted in 2017. In efforts to raise security on valuable products sold, some retailers have been turning to foam tape to adhere security devices. These devices sound an alarm when the device has been tampered with or if someone tries to remove it from the product. This innovative way is a nice alternative to other methods as the device can be disabled only at the register and reapplied easily to other products.

Looking for an easy solution to adhere these alarms to a product, Duraco offers you two options. Duraco High Bond® is a high-performance acrylic foam core tape that is tamper resistant to prevent anyone from removing it from the shopping floor. Remo Two® holds the alarm on but also allows the store clerk to remove easily.

Pest Control

Ants and other little pests often make their way into our homes, offices, and buildings and this can usually be a simple fix such as using ant baits. There are plenty of products on the market that help with these little pests, however, it is important when using these traps that they have an adhesive on the back to secure them in place. Double-sided foam tape allows you to secure the baits to points of entry, walls, and corners where pests tend to hide the most. For example, placing the baits under counter tops or on walls helps to kill ants as they tend to hide in these places for about three months and prevents them from coming back. Not only can the foam tape be used to mount in specific locations, it also helps to keep traps hidden so children or pets cannot find them.

Bonding Canvas to Frame

Duraco offers a variety of foam tapes that can be used for temporary or permanent displays. Depending on your application, we can pair you with the right adhesive to properly mount any object to multiple surfaces. Remo One® tape has grown in popularity as it allows you to hang pictures easily without the hassle of using tools and putting holes in your wall. The best feature is that when you are ready to remove your mounted object it removes without leaving foam residue. It is ideal for a variety of applications:

  • Picture frames
  • Posters
  • Signage
  • POP displays

Floral Arrangements on Caskets

Floral arrangements, also known as casket saddles, are eloquent and designed to last for a long period of time, however, when adhering them it can often turn into a pain point. One reason is that the arrangements are often adhered to a casket using metal wiring and hangers which can damage the outside of the coffin. The second reason is that when it is time to remove the arrangements the metal wiring is bulky and difficult to remove. And lastly, usually the arraignments are given to a dear loved one after a service and having to carry around an arrangement that can possibly scratch someone is rather unpleasant.

To adhere and remove a spectacular arrangement, we suggest investing in a quality adhesive such as our Remo One or Remo Two that can be used to secure the base of arrangement to your desired application. When finished, simply remove without the hassle of metal wiring that can damage surfaces or hurt others.

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