Design Solutions for Low Surface Energy (LSE) Materials

Design Solutions for Low Surface Energy (LSE) Materials

Nov 3rd 2020

Low surface energy (LSE) materials tend to be designers’ favorite materials to work with and utilize to create their applications. These materials provide innovative solutions to modernize the design process and tend to be a favorite due to their lightweight, low-cost, ease of processing, resistance to chemicals, and ability to easily mold. LSE materials are specifically valuable for the Point-of-Purchase (POP) and Extrusion markets.

The challenge that many designers face when working with these LSE materials is the lack of adhesion they provide when an adhesive is applied. The structure and surface of these materials prevent what most would call, the “wetting out” stage, which is vital to establish a secure, lasting bond that is needed to hold an application together overtime. Ordinary adhesives provide poor performance properties and low adhesion, which means they generally do not bond well to LSE materials. Due to this, it makes it difficult to adhere, bond, or mount materials such as plastics, print UV inks, powder coated metals, and UV coatings.

When working with LSE materials, a primer is often used to modify the surface to enable the best adhesion strength of the adhesive that is being used. The disadvantage of having to prime the surface is that it costs you time and money as well as makes for use of chemicals that are very hazardous to the environment and a person’s health. With this in mind, we have heard your request for an adhesive that can quickly bond to LSE materials and we now have products that can do that.

Our new LSE adhesive tape series addresses these issues by providing the following:

  • Durable adhesive that quickly bonds on contact to LSE plastics and substrates
  • Alternative to mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives, no tools required
  • Reduces cost and assembly time, increases production, and improves operation processes
  • Provides uniform thickness and gap filling properties
  • Fast and easy-to-use bonding method that requires no preparation or use of hazardous chemicals

The new LSE adhesive system can be found on our legendary tapes that our customers love for POP assembly and extrusion applications. You will get the same great service you are used to from Duraco including a new adhesive tape that bonds even better to those hard-to-bond surfaces such as polypropylene, polyethylene, UV coatings, UV inks, and powder coated paints.

While designed to meet the needs of LSE surfaces, the LSE tape series also has exceptional bonding performance. Available in pieces or continuous rolls, these tapes are ideal for both automatic and hand application.

Unravel new design potential which allows you to focus on what is most important, designing to your fullest potential. Contact one of our tape experts by clicking here to request a sample to test in your end application and redesign the way you design.